An American academic currently Assistant Professor of justice and peace studies at the University of St Thomas in Minnesota, where I teach courses on justice and peace studies, global social policy, and peace engineering. I am the Associate Editor of African Security Journal. My broader research program investigates how social systems and environmental systems interact to create patterns of vulnerability that lead to armed conflict and insurgency and the processes of conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

While I continue to develop my ideas for publication, my research to date feeds into my teaching and my professional consulting activities. My book Punctuated Peace in Nigeria’s Oil Region is available for order at the publisher’s website and on Amazon. I am available for consulting opportunities on governance and peacebuilding in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

2115 Summit Avenue, Mail #5021 | Saint Paul, MN 55105
Office: OEC 469 | Ph: 651-962-5336 | ookoi@stthomas.edu 
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