Inequality and Social Justice

This research theme addresses the connection between inequality, human rights and peace. It critically examines the root causes of social injustice and combines rigorous research with community based learning to explore alternative ways of building peace and social justice.

Okoi, Obasesam and Bwawa, Tatenda. 2020. “How Heath Inequality Affect Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africat.” World Development, 135, 105067.

The COVID-19 outbreak has infected millions of people across the world, caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, and collapsed national economies. Recognizing the importance of handwashing in preventing the spread of COVID-19, concerns have arisen about the condition of millions of Africans who lack access to hygiene facilities and clean water services. This paper compiles evidence from the WHO-UNICEF data to show the health disparities that limit the capacity of African countries to effectively address the COVID-19 disease along with recommendations for addressing the challenge.

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