Governance and Peacebuilding

This research theme examines post-conflict peacebuilding policies and practices.

Okoi, Obasesam. 2020. “How corruption undermines peacebuilding in Nigeria’s oil region,” The Conversation.

Okoi, Obasesam. 2019. “Peacebuilding and Transformational Change in Nigeria’s Oil Region.” Conflict Resolution Quarterly 19(1): 1-16.

This article draws on primary sources to examine postconflict transformations in Nigeria’s oil region. The overarching goal of the article is to evaluate the impact of Nigeria’s disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration program and its effectiveness as a vehicle for peacebuilding in the oil region, focusing specifically on the changes it has brought to the lives of former insurgents at the cultural, intrapersonal, structural, and interpersonal (CISI) levels. This study introduces the CISI model of conflict transformation to put these changes into context and explain why they are crucial for understanding peacebuilding and transformational change.

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