Conflict Resolution Training

Dr. Okoi provides high quality professional training in conflict resolution, informed by empirical research and the application of innovative conceptual models.

Peacebuilding Evaluation and Impact Assessment

By deploying highly specialized skills in navigating fragile and active conflict zones, Dr. Okoi conducts evaluations at the program, project, policy level in peacebuilding, stabilization, countering violent extremism.

Quantitative and Qualitative Surveys in Fragile & Conflict Zones

Dr. Okoi leverages his networks on the ground, and drawing on years of experience, to conduct quantitative and qualitative research projects in the most challenging societies.

Mentoring Local Actors and Drawing on Their Perspectives

To strengthen long-term capacities, Dr. Okoi provides mentoring to local entities on engaging with peacebuilding and conflict management.

Advisory Services on Peacebuilding, Stabilization, Counterinsurgency

Drawing on his expertise in peacebuilding, Dr. develops and applies innovative concepts and tools to provide data-driven and strategic high-level advisory services to organizations.

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