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“Super honored to have gotten placed in a class with Professor Okoi. He never fails to provide us insight on how course concepts apply in the real world, and also makes sure to challenge us with ideas, which help develop our critical thinking skills.”

“Thank you for the great year, Professor. It was amazing to get your insight on what’s going on in the world.”

“Professor Okoi is a wonderful teacher who is constantly pushing his students and bringing positivity into the classroom!”

“I learned a lot during this course, and you have definitely inspired me to think about minoring in Justice and Peace Studies!”

“I have very much enjoyed this class and our discussions. This class has assured me of my decision to major in Justice and Peace and I’m very grateful.”

“I really enjoyed this class. I think that in many ways it opened my mind to think in ways that I don’t usually think. I am a very numeric thinker, so having to think critically about writing is something that I have to try harder to do good, but I feel like this course helped me do that better.”

“It has been a complete pleasure taking Dr. Okoi’s class. I have already referred him to others and will continue to do so in the future. I appreciate the method in which he taught the class as well as the content.”

“I want to express my gratitude for how incredible the content of your class has been as well as what an incredible professor you are. You are so knowledgeable and welcoming, creating a space in which all can achieve and strive for greatness. Thank you for all you do and I hope to have you again if it is possible.”

“I just want to say how grateful I am for being able to be in this class. You did an outstanding job of relaying necessary information to us and allowing us to make those connections to real-life occurrences through dialogue and discussion. Your insight and experiences helped broaden my understanding of topics I thought I already knew. Thank you so much, and I hope I get to have you again as a professor in the remaining time of my academia.”

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