As a social scientist, I have been trained to think critically about the world – to question the world as given, and to construct meaning out of events of global and local significance. I have used this training in my teaching to construct a picture of the global social processes that leads to a critical understanding of conflict, peace and development.

My teaching philosophy is student-centred and is expressed in four fundamental principles: passion, expectation, environment and active learning. Teaching bestows upon me an opportunity to share my enthusiasm for peace and justice studies. It is my passion to inspire students to their full potential and to give them an appreciation for the beauty of theoretical and applied knowledge.

For me, creating a positive learning environment is the most significant aspect of teaching. I believe professional accessibility and approachability are essential to the creation of an environment which communicates care and concern to the wellbeing of my students, while also considering the diversity of students and the needs they bring to the learning environment.

In the classroom, I inspire my students to think critically about inequality and conflict and give them the tools to develop their own cognitive models and eventually transform their learning experience into passionate endeavours that serve the common good.

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